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The purpose of this agreement is to provide a formal agreement for mutual visits between partner clubs and Tromsø BDSM. The members of the clubs must have a valid membership card.

The agreement is valid until one of the parties terminates it. No explanation is needed for termination of the agreement.

Members of the cooperative clubs can participate in Tromsø BDSM's events and pay the guest price.

Members of Tromsø BDSM can participate in the cooperative clubs' events and pay the guest price.

This excludes events that are specifically for members only.

At events, the organiser's regulations and statutes always apply.

The boards have the opportunity to exchange general information about visitors if necessary.
Visiting members must show a valid membership card on arrival at the event and state this when registering.

The organizer can refuse entry to individual members if necessary.

Partnering clubs:


Losjen Sol og Måne


SM Bergen

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