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Who are we?

Tromsø BDSM is an active organization based in Tromsø, but everyone from Troms and the surrounding area are welcome. Here you will find an open and inclusive group of people in a wide range of age, experience, fetishes and orientations. People who are very different - but have one thing in common: A genuine interest in BDSM and/or fetishism. It's wonderful to be surrounded by like minded people where you don't have to censor yourself, and we have a high acceptance for different kinks and preferences.

Members have the opportunity to take part in exclusive parties in our own establishment, courses, workshops, etc. In addition, monthly café meetings are organized which are open to non-members. These are very suitable for those who are new to the scene and curious about the club, or BDSM in general.

We are constantly working to develop our membership benefits. As a member you get, among other things, exclusive discounts in Erotikk1 store in Jekta, online stores,,, and

In addition, membership gives you access to several
cooperative clubs in the country, you can find updated information about these on our websites and on Fetlife.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

We value respect and discretion, and promise to welcome you the best we can.


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