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To become a member of Tromsø BDSM, you do the following:


Read the Articles of Association and General Event Rules. Fill out the Membership Application.


You will be contacted by the club to arrange a time and a public place (preferably a café or similar) for an introductory meeting. At the meeting, we'll talk a bit about the club and you to get to know each other a bit, and you can ask any questions you may have. We also recommend that you have attended a café meetup with us before joining, but this is not a requirement. After the introductory meeting, if everything has gone as desired, you pay the membership fee for the remaining months of the year.


We reserve the right to reject applications if we do not consider you and the association to be a good match.

Membership Information

To be a member of Tromsø BDSM, you must be at least 18 years old. The price for a one-year membership is 500 NOK per calendar year and is invoiced at the beginning of the year. To become a member, you must have gone through an introductory meeting.


We primarily use FetLife for information and communication with our members, but if for various reasons you do not want to or cannot create a user on FetLife, please contact us.


What do you get as a member?


As a member, you get the opportunity to participate in all our events such as parties, cabin trips, game nights, workshops, etc. In addition, you can participate in the events of our partner associations. You get access to good and exclusive discounts on online shopping and in-store purchases. Last but not least, you become part of a fantastic association and a great community!


Club discounts for members:


Erotikk1 at Jekta: 30% discount on the Avalon brand. Avalon products are the best and most reliable BDSM products we have for sale. 15% discount on other products, except for the brands Womanizer and We-Vibe.


NB: Don't forget to show your membership card.


Website discounts:


Ildfull: 15% off at


Tau og Ting: 10% member discount at Tau og Ting


Vuxen: 20% off at


Send a message to BDSM Tromsø for discount codes and questions. We continuously work for even more benefits for our members and gladly welcome wishes and suggestions for more.

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