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General Rules for All Our Events:

Discretion should always be maintained.

  • You should not use other participants' real names unless they explicitly allow it.

    • Do not disclose to outsiders who was present at meetings/parties.

    • Do not disclose to outsiders what happened at any of our events.

      • You can talk about what you did yourself, but leave it up to the others to 'involve' themselves in the story.

    • Do not take photos or share social media posts that could reveal members, locations, or similar details.

  • Dress code and hygiene according to the events

    • At café meetings, dress in a way that maintains discretion, i.e., no visible BDSM logos, texts, or anything that makes it very obvious "who is meeting." Alternative clothing styles are, of course, completely acceptable.

    • All participants are expected to have good hygiene and not smell strongly of either body odor or heavy perfume.

Rules for our parties and events open for play:

  • We encourage play and activities at Tromsø BDSM's events. All activity shall be consensual.

  • We encourage bringing your own toys and equipment for play at parties.

  • At our parties, we encourage dressing in fetish, kink, etc. For those who don't wish to do so, smart attire is the dress code.

  • At Tromsø BDSM's events, the safe words (red for full stop and yellow for pause) apply to all play unless you've agreed on your own safe words. The board/security has the right to intervene during play if this is not respected. Violation of consent will have consequences.

  • The board/security also reserves the right to intervene in play that, in their opinion, is not considered safe. The decision of the board/security must be respected. If participants experience anything uncomfortable during the event, they're encouraged to contact the board/security.

  • If a request for play is declined, one must respect the refusal. All parties involved in play must consent.

  • Never involve yourself or assume that you can participate in someone else's play without being invited by those playing.

  • If there's an audience allowed during someone's play, participants should be respectful of the activity and not behave in ways that could be distracting or disruptive to the participants.

    • Also, do not stand so close to the activity that it limits those playing.

    • Be mindful of what you talk about; BDSM often triggers strong emotions, and comments can become sensitive and distracting.

  • It's not allowed to touch a person without their consent.

  • Judgment can be impaired when under the influence of alcohol. If you're going to engage in any form of BDSM activity at Tromsø BDSM's events, it's required that you're not more than lightly affected by alcohol. Alcohol can be enjoyed, but obviously intoxicated and/or disruptive participants will be addressed and may risk being asked to leave. All use of drugs is prohibited.

  • If you experience anything uncomfortable/negative, address this with those involved. If necessary, discuss any problems with a security member or a board member who can act as a mediator. We ask that any situations and mediation remain between those involved.

  • Any use of a camera must be approved by the model and host/hostess every time photos are to be taken, and it should occur in designated areas, announced to those present to ensure no one is accidentally captured.

  • After play resulting in mess, participants must clean before leaving. If there's penetrative intercourse, a condom must be used. We have these available at the venue, but we recommend participants also bring their own.

  • If you use any of the club's equipment that gets damaged/soiled to the extent that it cannot be used by others (e.g., rope that gets body fluids on it), it must be replaced so the club can purchase a replacement.


Show respect and care for each other ♥

Always practice RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) and SSC (Safe Sane Consensual)


These rules apply to all our events. Special rules for events will be communicated in advance of the event.

These are the general rules for Tromsø BDSM.

There may be specific rules for special events such as cabin trips, photo days, and the like. These should be followed on par with general event rules and bylaws.


We're happy to review the rules before events organized by Tromsø BDSM, but we expect participants and members to have familiarized themselves with these in advance.

In addition to the mentioned rules, it's expected that one adheres to common courtesy.

Behavior that directly creates conflict or discomfort may have immediate and/or further consequences.

Activities should always adhere to Norwegian law.

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